Project Management


With over 20 years of Project Management consulting services in a wide range of industries, departments, and company sizes, WITS brings “hit the ground running” result oriented expertise to your organization.

Project Management Office development

Setting up best practices, tools, templates, staffing, mentorship, and training. Project management approaches covered are based on the organization size and mandate, and could include Waterfall (PMI), Agile SCRUM or KANBAN.

Business Project Management

WITS has managed end-to-end business projects in Human Resource Management, Business Process Optimization, Business Re-organization, Non-profit creation, M&A, Small Business Start-up, Social Media Marketing, to list a few.

Technology Project Management

While WITS specializes in software development projects, our consultants bring a very diverse set of experiences in Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Data Management, Business Intelligence, and AI projects.