Human Resource Consulting


WITS is here for you through onsite or remote “as needed” basis, for all your human resource management with our Certified Human Resource Professionals.

Resourcing Management

Creating job descriptions, posting positions on various industry leading search sites, screening candidates that best fit your needs, and reporting on the application matrix to help inform the decision makers the success of the process.

Contract Management

Let us manage your staffing contracts or contract consulting resources directly through our company. Our relationships with HR lawyers helps you get the advice you need for managing the contracts that are rightly negotiated for you.

Performance Management

From employee satisfaction surveys to the implementation of employee performance and satisfaction campaigns, WITS has your staff performance needs covered. Our knowledge of staff change management best practices to support change adoption helps align your most valuable asset to your company objectives.

Benefits Management

Let us guide you through industry accepted benefits fit for your company and your staff. Whether it’s health, extra-curricular, volunteerism, or work from home benefits, we do the research that fits your industry and aligns with your corporate culture.

Employee Engagement

Research shows that employees who are satisfied, perform well at work and are motivated to take on new challenges. WITS can assist you in revising or preparing a new plan to keep employees happy and engaged. This will ensure that your company has a positive environment and that your employees have high morale.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Employee Satisfaction Surveys are an excellent way to find out if your employees have any feedback about you or your organization. It’s always a good idea to make these surveys anonymous so employees can express themselves freely and without the fear of losing their job! Moreover, you might even get some good suggestions on how to improve certain operations or processes. WITS can help you prepare these surveys depending on the type and size of your organization.

Exit Interviews

Employees can leave an organization for several reasons. It is always a good practice to conduct exit interviews with employees who are leaving. This will not only help you understand the reason an employee has decided to move on but will also ensure they leave on a positive note. We can assist you in preparing exit interviews and also sharing suggestions on how to conduct them in a constructive manner.